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Ergonomic Travel Pillow (ERG ETP01)


ERG LIEP02 (Ergonomic Laptop/Ipad Ergoprop 02)

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Ergonomic Laptop/Ipad Ergoprop 01 ( ERG LIEP 01)


The LEP 01 also promotes a good neck posture while looking at the screen, and this can prevent neck pain. The LEP 01 is easy to use, light, freely-ventilated, foldable and extremely portable. It comes with height-adjustable angle points and width adjustment to suit user comfort and laptop size respectively.

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The ergonomic desighn of the LEP 01 allow good elbow, wrist and hand posture while using a laptop . This can prevent or reduce pain or disturbed sensation in the elbow/wrist/hand, which could result from bad posture.


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